Spoon Mule Build Tutorial

Spoon Mule Build Turorial

I am excited to offer this free Spoon Mule build tutorial. It is the perfect compliment to the Spoon Mule plans sold in my Products section. It is a 23 page PDF full of helpful pictures and text. The contents page contains hyperlinks to each section, making it easy to quickly navigate. 

Text and Photos by Dawson Moore

Design and Layout by Jeff Lefkowitz

Spoon Mule Build Tutorial - Download


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  • Tony Blair

    I bought your plans and have a shave horse that I use for chair making. Sorry to be thick, but I’m wondering how the jaws work on your plans. Do you have a video showing it being used? Not having built it yet, it looks like you’d have to spread the jaws with your feet? Can you clarify? Thanks. Tony

  • Clay Guinard

    I hope that you offer plans in paper form

  • Abu


    is there a metric plan meanwhile?

  • Clyde Darden

    Can’t seem to download project.
    Need more guidance.

  • Michael J Amphlett

    Thank you very much indeed for the mule tute Dawson! @atthewoodchoppersball

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