$ 18.00

Baby's first spoon. Avoid using plastic and get them started on a lifelong path of eating with wooden ware. The shape fits easily into your baby's mouth and gently wipes excess food from their face.

Dimensions: Approximately L 7" W 1" D 3/8"

Weight: Approximately 1/4 oz.

Materials: Birch, Beech. Walnut Oil & Beeswax Finish. Milk Paint.

If an item you want is sold out, send us an email at to check on availability. Custom orders can often ship within 1-2 weeks. Wood grain, tone, and paint colors can vary slightly from the pictures due to the nature of the materials. 

All utensils are finished with knife cuts only, never sanded. After finish carving, they are lightly coated with a mix of walnut oil and beeswax. To maintain, wipe clean with warm water after each use. Avoid using excessive soap and soaking in water. Never put a wooden utensil in the dishwasher. Recondition dry utensils using Michigan Sloyd Wood Balm.